The Difference Between a $10 and a $1000 Bottle of whisky

ARE SUPER-fancy whisk(e)ys worth piles of your money?

This pair of funny dudes, Rex and Daniel from the Whiskey Tribe, explain the common characteristics of top-shelf vs bottom-shelf whisk(e)ys in this entertaining video.

They then debate which price points make the most sense for whiskey loving budgets.

Finally, Tribe buddy, Brian Brushwood, helps resolve a long standing feud (in a totally fair (and definitely not rigged!) way.

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Comments below the video were interesting, with some valid points made, like this one from Xovius, “The thing about the $270 whisky vs an $80 whisky to me is this. Sure, I might get more enjoyment from the $270 bottle, but might I not get more from over three bottles of $80 whisky that would keep me happy for so much longer?”

SmokingRingsPipeDreams was on the ball about using higher pricing to get a sale, “When I was in the antique business sometimes we would get a really neat piece in that we got for a song. We would price it very, very reasonably for a quick sale.

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“Sometimes it would not get much attention even though it was a roaring deal at the price point.

“So we would re-price it three or four times as much and WALLAH all of a sudden people would find the item fascinating and it would sell quickly.

“People are affected by price. (I am also at times, even though I know the trick of it, it can be a hard psychology to resist)”

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