Cleaning & Maintaining Your Turbo 500 Reflux Column

ONE OF the most important ways to make sure your Turbo 500 still give you constant high quality neutral spirits is to keep the column clean.

YouTube user Still Spirits has provided us a brilliant, easy step-by-step video showing the best way he has found to do this.

Mr Still Spirits’ video got a lot of very positive responses from the YouTube viewers who watched the video.

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One viewer thought he should have included a voice over, “This is an excellent tutorial. You could have shared your thoughts on the subject, but the music was pleasant nonetheless, and your video showed everyone how quick and easy one can clean the T500 column. Great job!”

Another viewer gave some additional advice about using vinegar to clean the copper, “Cleaning your copper with vinegar will give you a bright blue distillate initially. It is better to clean it with Citric acid.”

All in all the comments on the video were positive:

  • “Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Very well explained and a valuable reference guide for me when using my new T500.”
  • “Thanks Heaps. Didn’t realise how bad mine was and how easy it is to clean. Looking forward to my next batch and will now do after every batch. Thank you once again!”
  • “Well done! An excellent video and you are right –  there has been no other information as detailed as this. Thank you!”
So overall, this video will help you keep the quality high when distilling neutral spirits in your T500.
And we all know great tastes you get from our Global Flavours Spirit Essences when you use clean neutral spirit.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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