Another Exciting Success Report for Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast

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HOME DISTILLERS Club member Cameron from WA was very impressed when he ran a two-batch test of our Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast recently.

Cameron ran two test ferments at 25 litres each.

“I followed your instructions and used 7 kg of sugar in 25 litres of water and I kept the temperature at around 27°C using a heat pad,” said Cameron.

Global Express Fast & Clean is rated to perform well at a wide temperature range, from 15°C to 35°C.

Cameron said it took around 5 days for the fermentation to stop, then he left it for another two days to completely settle.

Distilling resulted in what Cameron described as “perfect” spirit.

“There was no smell whatsoever, and it had a slightly sweet taste,”Cameron reported.

“I got 2.7 litres of 93% spirit from each batch.

“This is very slightly down on previous distillations, but the product is so far superior I’m well in front, not to mention I didn’t need to use a clearing agent.

Cameron also noticed that after fermentation the wash was lighter and cleaner than the “Still Spirits” yeast.

As more home distillers try our Global Express Distillers Yeast, we have yet to hear a negative report from any of our buyers…

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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