COMING SOON: Global Flavors Genuine Toasted Oak Smoke

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IT TOOK some doing, but Global Flavors Tastemeister Keith Emms has finally sourced and developed an outstanding world-class liquid smoke – the soon-to-be-released Global Flavors Genuine Toasted Oak Smoke.

Following the successful combo of our Oak Chips and Liquid Oak, Keith decided it was time to add a truly premium liquid smoke to the range.

“Our liquid oak has been so popular I thought we should add a new companion product – a fair dinkum top class liquid smoke,” Keith said this week.

“There were quite a few sources to choose from, but we decided toasted oak was the best fit in our range, given our Toasted Oak chips are so popular.”

Keith believes there’s an excellent opportunity for home distilling enthusiasts to introduce a little smoke into both whiskies and bourbons without going to all the trouble of experimenting with peat and other items which can result in unknown results and potentially taint an otherwise brilliant run.

Global Flavors Genuine Toasted Oak Smoke is an all-natural product with no additives or preservatives. It is manufactured using a safe, water-based process, in which unwanted byproducts are removed.

How is liquid smoke made?

Global Flavors Genuine Toasted Oak Smoke is not a chemical or synthetic flavour.

There’s nothing “synthetic” about it – it’s not made from chemicals.

It is made by placing high grade smoking woods in sealed heating chambers, where the wood is toasted, producing high smoke content which is then condensed and concentrated for a stronger flavour.

A Kansas City pharmacist created the ingredients and method in 1895.

Keith will release Global Flavors Genuine Toasted Oak Smoke in all existing product sizes, from 125 ml bottles up to our 2 litre option.

“An exciting added benefit is, since ‘drinkers gotta eat, too’ is that Global Flavors Genuine Toasted Oak Smoke can easily be used to replace actual barbeque flavours when you cook steak, ribs, lamb chops, pork or chicken in the kitchen,” says Keith.

“It means you can get a mighty smoke flavour just cooking in the kitchen, without having to set up the barbeque.”

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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