MASH RECIPE: Great Base for a Single Malt Whiskey

whisky spirit essence flavor

By Paul MacKenzie.

WE ALL know and love how easy it is to add one of Global Flavors’ spirit essences to our neutral spirits, but if you’d like to really get into moonshining, check out…   Read More…

TECHNIQUES: Fast Results With Pressure Aging and Oak

By Paul MacKenzie.

I HAVE CONVERTED an old stainless steel pressure cooker (keeping the safety valves) to  Read More…

Making Rum Using Molasses and the T500

By Paul MacKenzie.

THIS IS a basic recipe that can be improved. The recipe is for a 23 L fermenter 10% ABV. Read More…

$7.50 Tomato Paste Wash

From Peter Stokes

THIS LITTLE beauty will only cost you give-or-take $7.50. Read More

MASH RECIPE: At Last, A Meaningful Use for Kale!

By Paul MacKenzie.

WE’VE ALL HEARD and seen all the jokes about kale, but here’s a fair dinkum proper use for it, courtesy of Home Distillers Club member Paul MacKenzie.   Read More

BLENDING: Keith Emms’ Jack Daniels & Honey Mix

By Peter Stokes.

THIS RECIPE is a suggestion on how to make a drink in the style of Jack Daniels & Honey Style. Read more

Ginger Beer Vodka

By Paul MacKenzie.

THIS IS a hot and spicy drink with a strong ginger flavor; it’s basically like flat ginger beer at 40%. You would have to be huge fan of ginger to enjoy this. Fantastic chilled to the point of freezing. Read more…

Teddy’s Fast Fermenting Vodka (FFV)

By Teddysad.

FOR THOSE looking for a fast ferment, a little time spent during the preparation stage pays huge dividends in shortening the time for a ferment. Read more