Sugar Syrup Recipe for Liqueurs is Really Sweet

GETTING THE right sugar syrup recipe can make all the difference when you’re making your liqueur from the Global Flavours Liqueur Essences range.

“Everyone knows how to make a basic sugar syrup,” says Global Flavours spirit essences tastemeister, Keith Emms.

“You just add water to 370 grams of white sugar until it reaches 500ml, then hit it with the blender,” says Keith.

But when you’re making a liqueur, a little more finesse is required.

“For a little more flavour, replace the white sugar with Raspadura sugar or even coconut nectar from a health food store,” says Keith.

“And if you want to cut the carbs, replace the sugar with NatVia, from most supermarkets.

“It’s made from Stevia, but it’s as sweet as sugar and has no after taste.”

Keith also has a few customisations tailored to each Global Flavours liqueur.

“For Melon Midori, use melon juice or pineapple juice instead of water,” he says.

“For Espresso, replace the water with cold black coffee, and for Calypso Coconut, use coconut cream instead of water.”


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