More Than Just a Spirit Essences Home Distilling Expert

EATING GOES BEST WITH DRINKING: Keith is more than just a Spirits Essences guru.


Story by Keith Emms


COOKING SEEMS to go with brewing or distilling… after all the main pleasures in life involve eating and drinking, don’t they?

My reasoning is that making your own spirits will probably attract those who make their own food.

Certainly for me the two go hand in hand.

For the past 50-odd years I have tried to keep up with the latest methods for producing the best flavours in food.

I started with vacuum or waterless cooking back in the seventies, and have been there through microwaves becoming popular – also in the seventies.

I still love to cook using the Sous Vide process, a snazzy Halogen Bulb appliance, and I still have a wood burning Weber, which I use for smoking fish.

I cooked commercially in my own establishments for several years, and I’m still an avid fan of experimenting with new dishes, sauces and marinades.

Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for some terrific barbecue sauces and marinades, created using our best tasting Global Flavours spirits.

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