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Reducing Freight Costs by Concentrating Your Order

AT GLOBAL FLAVORS, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively. To achieve this, we sometimes ship your order in a concentrated solution by reducing the amount of water in the product.

This approach helps in reducing freight costs, making our offerings more economical for you without compromising quality.

Shipping products in a concentrated form means that the weight and volume of your order are substantially decreased. For instance, a standard 5-litre order that usually weighs around 6 kg can be reduced to just 1.5 kg.

Reducing Freight Costs

This considerable reduction in weight lowers shipping costs, which is particularly beneficial for our customers who order large quantities or require international shipping. The exact reduction in weight depends on the specific product, as different products have varying water content and concentration capabilities.

When you receive an order in concentrated form, we will include comprehensive instructions to help you reconstitute the product to its original state. These instructions will guide you on how much filtered water to add to the concentrate to restore it to its intended volume and consistency.

We recommend using filtered water to ensure the quality and taste of the product remain optimal.

The process of concentrating our products does not alter their integrity, flavor, or quality. Our advanced concentration techniques ensure that the essence and effectiveness of the products are preserved.

Once you add the specified amount of filtered water, the product will perform just as well as it would if it were shipped in its original diluted form.

This method is part of our commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency. By reducing the volume and weight of shipments, we not only cut down on shipping costs but also reduce the environmental impact associated with transportation. Fewer shipments mean lower carbon emissions, aligning with our goals for environmental responsibility.

In summary, occasionally shipping orders in a concentrated solution allows Global Flavors to provide you with the same high-quality products at a reduced cost. Detailed reconstitution instructions ensure that you can easily and accurately prepare the product for use.

Discover How Many Home Distilling Essences You Can Save Freight on, by Concentrating Your Order!

This practice supports our commitment to both customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability, ensuring you receive the best value without compromising on quality. Thank you for choosing Global Flavors, where innovation and customer care are our top priorities.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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