No More Oak Barrels, Staves & Chips: The Convenience of Oak in Liquid Form

USING OAK to enhance the flavour of your or bourbon is the perfect way to give your end product a real professional edge.

Traditionally oak is introduced to alcohol through soaking in barrels or adding chips or staves.

This is time consuming and sometimes awkward and frustrating.

The question needs to be asked, “Is it really worth all the soaking, sourcing good oak, chipping, waterproofing and all the rest?

Liquid oak is merely an extract and can be added directly to the liquid. Not all pallets are tuned to oak… look at wine for instance.

So for those who like the extra layer of taste that really good oak brings we introduce Global Flavours Liquid Oak Premium Oak Extract.


NEW: Go ahead and grab a bottle of our Liquid Oak Premium Oak Extract for your next run of bourbon or … you’ll be delighted!



Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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