NEW: Sample Pack Combo 3 x 50ml Announced by Premium Spirit Essence Supplier

WORLD CLASS premium spirit essence provider Global Flavours released a limited edition combo pack this week.

The combo pack, valued at $30 (three 50ml bottles at $10 each) went on sale tonight August 18 on the Global Flavours website at $24.30.

Global Flavours CEO Keith Emms said it was important for the Spirit and Liqueur essence company to make it as easy as possible for Australian home distillers to access the many different flavours available.

“We have also included our top selling Liqueur Essences in this offer as well, so everyone gets a chance to sample everything we can offer,” Keith said.

The complete pack provides enough essence to flavour approximately 6 litres of spirit.

Essences on offer include:

  • Kentucky Bourbon
  • Southern Belle Confederate Bourbon
  • Superior Legend Whisky
  • Grainge Single Malt Whisky Premium Spirit Essence
  • Connoisseurs Brandy
  • Carlos Lopez Tequila
  • Golden Tequila
  • Espresso Coffee Liqueur
  • Calypso Coconut Liqueur
  • Melon Midori Liqueur

The website shopping cart for this special combo offer provides the facility to choose your three flavours and purchase.

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