NEW International Shipping Now Available for Premium Spirit Essences

IN A WORLD first, Australian spirit and liqueur essences company Global Flavours Pty Ltd has announced overseas shipping for their world class essences.

In another world first, they are shipping these selected essences at double strength, to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Global Flavours tastemeister Keith Emms said internationally available products are available in the most popular flavours:

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  • Grainge Single Malt Whisky Premium Spirit Essence,
  • Kentucky Bourbon,
  • Southern Belle Bourbon,
  • Golden Tequila, and the ever popular
  • Park Lane Gin

Keith has been under pressure from international members of our 2000 member Facebook group, the Home Distillers Club, who have been asking him to extend Global Flavours shipping services so they can order from their own country.

“We’ve had enquiries from New Zealand, the UK, the US and Canada, so we’ve come up with the best shipping cost compromise so our international members can access world class spirit essences that taste like they should… premo quality flavours,” Keith says.

“We’ve doubled the strength of the essences so that you only need 12.5 ml per litre of spirit instead of 25 ml.

“It means you effectively get 500 ml of essence in a 250 ml bottle.”

“Stocks of the internationally available essences are ready to ship, so order now… and don’t forget all prices are in Australian dollars, so will be very cheap when you’re buying from the UK and USA.”

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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