Release Date Set for New Global Flavours Premium Gin

PREMIUM GIN drinkers will be rubbing their hands together waiting for the release of Global Flavours’ in mid-October.

It’s not the first time the company has offered a gin product, but it’s a genuine winner.

Global Flavours tastemeister Keith Emms says gin aficionados will be really impressed with Park Lane Gin, due to be released soon.

“I’m personally a Bombay Sapphire drinker,” he said.

“But after tasting our new Park Lane Gin, I’m switching over from today on.”

Keith said supplies were limited at this time so the release had to be postponed until they are in hand, mid-October.

“Park Lane has been so popular that stocks went straight away, and now we have to wait for more.”

He says this presents a challenge because one of the ingredient berries used to create the essence was quite rare and at times difficult to obtain.

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