NEW RELEASE: Premium Quality Park Lane Gin… TODAY!

GLOBAL FLAVOURS has announced today, Black Friday October 13, as the release date for their long-awaited premium quality gin… Park Lane Gin.

Their tastemeister, Keith Emms, claims this is the most exciting Global Flavours product since their Double Strength Wild Bourbon release.

And you’d better believe him.

Keith has long been a bit of a gin snob, only ever drinking the London Dry Bombay Sapphire.

As Keith says, “I have been tasting spirit essences for 25 years, and have never come across the absolute flavour of a genuine botanical example of gin.

“As a gin drinker, I long ago settled on a Bombay Sapphire as my favourite, although 42 Below and Plymouth are just as good but locating either is difficult.


“With this new Park Lane Gin Spirit Essence it was a case of Eureka!

“The sample we came up with far exceeds any essence that I know of, as far as gin is concerned.”

Keith actually prefers Park Lane Gin over his old favourite Bombay.

“It’s not the same, it’s better,” says Keith.

“In the same way that our Double Strength Wild Bourbon is better than Wild Turkey, Park Lane leaves Bombay Sapphire for dead.”

Park Lane has a second berry that blends beautifully with the traditional juniper berry.

“This delivers more emphasis on the botanical taste notes.

“My real enthusiasm though, is reserved for the smoothness. This Park Lane Gin is as smooth as it gets.

“I am really stoked regarding this essence, not withstanding the amount of money I will save when I drink it!

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