POLL RESULTS: Posts Advertising Distilling Equipment.

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THE RESULTS of our poll about advertising distilling equipment on our Facebook group, Home Distillers Club are in.

Combined with various responses to these advertisements, we have made our decision about posts like these, for the future.

The results of the poll itself are very clear:

  1. Run as many posts advertising distilling equipment as you want — 224 votes
  2. Only run personal posts for non-commercial members, selling second hand equipment — 61 votes
  3. All posts advertising Distilling Equipment to be banned — 11 votes

It’s clear that running unlimited posts advertising distilling equipment is the winner by almost 3 to 1.

But we’ve also considered the number of reported posts, and all the bitching and backbiting that goes on in many of them.

Accordingly, we are introducing extra conditions for posts advertising distilling equipment:

  1. They will only be accepted when posted on Friday, Australian Eastern Standard time
  2. Comments will be disabled on all of these posts
  3. Posts containing advertisements for distilling equipment not posted on the correct day will simply be deleted

Posts that don’t conform to our mew guidelines will simply be deleted.

We think this is an acceptable compromise which respects the wishes of as many Home Distillers Club members as possible.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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