The Difference Between Natural and Natural

OFTEN WHEN the subject of adding spirit essence flavours to clear spirits is raised near devotees of the “all natural” school of thought, you’ll hear someone turn their nose up at spirit essences because they’re “not natural”.

This actually couldn’t be further from the truth… at least at Global Flavours.

Spirit essences are actually basically a food, and all our essences are created from natural, food-grade products.

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I’ve been down the all-natural path myself in brewing – both in boutique and larger commercial spirit runs.

Experience has shown me it’s virtually impossible to get consistency for any run under 1000 litres, while using an all-natural process.

In using an all-natural process, one small error in a quantity can lead to a significant variation in taste.

You can get all-natural ingredients from one source and then get some from another source, but because of soil differences the final taste will be different.

This is why wines vary in taste, even from the same grapes, because of the taste differences that come out of the soils.

Using spirit essences means as long as your clear spirit is consistent, your final , bourbon, gin or tequila will taste consistently good.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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