Home Distillers Club Cracks Limoncello Mysteries

HOME DISTILLERS Club member Jared Karpinski posed a question during the week about making limoncello from his own spirits and a whole bunch of spare lemons he had at home. 

Jared asked, “Has anyone got a lemoncello recipe? I’ve got heaps of lemons…”

First in with an answer was Shane Grattan, who said, “Yep, you have you start with 94% clear and take the rind off the lemon – make sure you don’t get any white stuff.

“I use about 20 lemons for 2 litres. Let it soak for 2 months then add another 10 lemons and sit for a further month, then strain off.

“Because I’m lazy I add the still spirits packs to it when its ready.

“This is real strong in lemon flavour… if you don’t like the strong flavour, add glucose to sweeten it.

Shane said it’s a long process but well worth the wait.

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William Lister offered some fine tuning to the process, “I only let the peels sit till the skins go white and hard – around 3 weeks.

“The higher the alcohol content, the better. Your suger wash with high oil content from lemons will give you the perfect frosted golden color that a good limoncello should have.

“Adding juice makes it hard for the reaction to happen.

William’s other tip was to let your sugar cool before mixing.

Milne Matthews version was similar and it’s obvious he’s made quite a few batches.

Milne says, “For making limonchello, remove the yellow skin and make sure you have none of the white, if you can help it.

Soak in 90% spirit for 2 months then strain it. After that, knock down to about 50% while adding sugar to taste. (online pharmacy no presc uk)

“Then you have the real limonchello. By the way it fixes sprains, strains and sore arseholes.

“Then mix it 50% with gin and you are on a winner – the birds line up for seconds and thirds!”

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