FAIL and WIN for Melon Midori

A RECENT Gold Coast taste test comparing Midori with Global Flavours’ Melon Midori proved a two-edged sword for liqueur tastemeister Keith Emms recently.

Keith assembled nine Gold Coast restaurateurs and specialist cocktail wizards and ran his first test: Does Global Flavours’ Midori Melon taste the same as Suntory’s Midori?

To Keith’s surprise, all nine taste testers were unanimous in their verdict. Midori Melon, while tasting very similar, did not taste exactly the same as Midori.

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Second Test Gives Keith Much Better News

Keith then ran his second taste test.

This time he blindfolded his tasters and in front of each he placed a glass of Suntory’s Midori and a glass of Global Flavours’ Melon Midori.

Once again the verdict was unanimous.

In answer to the question, “Which drink tastes the better?” each taster indicated the glass which contained Global Flavours’ Melon Midori.

Keith was more than delighted with the result.

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“My greatest desire is to make flavours that our customers love,” he said.

“Getting our essences to match another product is fine, but it’s most important that people enjoy the drinks they make using our liqueur essence flavours.”

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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