Sous Vide Cooking Part 2: The Equipment

This photo shows an easy water submersion technique using brand name ZIP LOCK bags. Will not work with odd shaped items such as vegetables.

I HAVE USED several pieces of equipment over the years, however right at the moment the ANOVA is the best and best value on the market.

They are so affordable for the money they will save.

I will skip most of the product description as if you are serious about Sous Vide you will take a look at the website for ANOVA.

These units will react to tenths of a degree C.

I have two units, for doing several cooking actions at once where they cannot be done with the one unit.

Also if I want to do a large amount I can, cooking to an exactness not achievable with any other type of cooking.

Vacuum Sealing

Putting the bag into the water bath in a food-safe plastic bag, and forcing the air out with just the water pressure, sometimes will not work.

Especially with vegetables.

In this case, I use a Sunbeam food saver.

I am very pleased with it. You can buy cheap rolls of plastic, just make sure they are heavy enough plastic and food-safe, or you can buy the Sunbeam ones.

The Water Bath

All the water baths I have had are all Esky or similar.

These insulated containers keep the heating costs down, and the temperature is kept stabilised.

Until next time… happy cooking!

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