Drinkers Gotta Eat! #4 Poor Man’s Sous Vide Delivers 5 Star Wagyu Beef Cheeks Dinner

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FINAL RESULT: Keith’s mouth-watering Wagyu Beef Cheek dish.

WHILE IT’S a given that all of us here enjoy a good drink, many of our members also enjoy a slap-up meal.

So Keith shared this simple but mighty recipe for some awesome Wagyu No 9 beef cheeks he scored at his local butcher’s.

Keith says, “My sous vide machines are all down at the moment and so I had to compromise in order to enjoy this very hard to get meat. No 9 is the highest grade of Wagyu outside Japan.

“First, I browned them in a hot pan before putting them into a mixture of V8 Juice and a tablespoon of very heavy mushroom soy. Along with a glass of bourbon made from our Global Flavours Southern Belle Spirit Essence, and couple of onions, that’s it.

“In a tight-fitting dutch oven I set a fan-forced oven at 80°C (176°F) and left it for 7 hours, the result is as you see in my photo.

“Take no notice of the gristle, its as tender as jelly. The temperature of the liquid was 76°C (169°F)

“This very hard to get meat cut cost AUD $14 a kilo and I feel like I robbed them. The taste is exceptionally special.

“No need for a delicate palate with this dish.

“It is one of the most powerful beef tastes you can experience. Ox tail is the only other cut I feel matches the depth of flavour. (Fabulouseyebrowthreading) ”


  • V8 is a vegetable juice sold around the world . . . I think.
  • The soy is a special brand – Pearl River Bridge. I use the Mushroom

Until next time… Happy Dining AND Distilling!


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