Winner! Wow! No Smell: Global Express Yeast Test Results Continue to be 100% Positive:

AS WE CONTINUE our Home Distillers Club members tests the results continue to remain 100% positive.

We sent out some 150g packs of Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast to some of our regular customers and everyone without exception says they are very happy with the product.

Ian Dalton was delighted: “Most important to me was that there was hardly any sediment and almost no smell.”

Anyone dealing with turbo yeasts knows that smell and sediment are a big problem, not to mention a health hazard.

Turbo yeasts invariably produce urea-derived byproducts which are dangerous to your health and can cause cancer.

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Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast produces NO urea products.

Another Home Distillers Club member Paul MacKenzie was also very happy: “I’ve completed the first trial of the new yeast – and I can honestly say wow! It is an easy 9/10!” said Peter.

Another Club member Ron Wilson says, “I tried the yeast you sent and it compared well to what I am using now. With 6kg of sugar I produced just over 8 litres at 40%. I normally use Alcotec 48 with carbon and get 8 litres at 40%, so very similar.”

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Club member Benny reckons Global Express is a real winner.

“Successful batch. 25 litre wash yielded 4.325 litres of alcohol @58% in 5 Days.

“Keith, it’s a great product. 

“Thank you for giving me the yeast to try, it’s a winner!”

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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