Make Some Pocket Money from Your Distilling Dregs (Lees)

WHO DOESN’T love to make money out of something they normally just throw out?

This article is intended as a stimulant for those amongst us that are looking for other interests, pushing the door further open etc.

When your distillation is finished, and the waste is sitting in the boiler, an opportunity exists to enter a brand new world – of making money, having fun, making gourmet food, or you may consider all three.

Let’s flash over to the other side and look at the problems of another industry – the mushroom growers.

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In their process they have a sterilisation/pasteurisation problem.

They have to raise temperatures of the mushroom growing medium in order to start the mushroom spawn in a unadulterated material.

This is a necessary but expensive step for that industry.

The latest fad with the mushroom people is to make use of used coffee grounds.

When used the same day as they are dumped from the espresso machines, they qualify for use as a growing medium for mushrooms.


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What’s that got to Do with our Distilling Dregs?

There are heaps of nutrients in the lees or dregs from our distillation process.

If we choose another ideal material like cardboard, and boil the cardboard in the waste lees, we pasteurise and add vital growing elements to the cardboard and therefore create a mushroom growing medium as we utilise a waste product.

The attraction of these materials is they are free. And that’s always attractive!!

Here are a couple of links from our Google search “growing mushrooms with cardboard or coffee grounds”

Just substitute coffee grounds for distillation dregs and you’re good to go…

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If you fancy turning your hand to growing mushrooms, give this a go!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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