WARNING: Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying Oak Chips

Global Flavors’ rich USA Oak chips for best quality, colour and taste.

AS WE SAID recently, there is a wealth of dodgy oak chip products out there in the market place.

As part of our home distillers’ product range, Global Flavors only sells oak chips with a superior product, and sells them at prices to give best value.

We’ve sold more than half a tonne so far, nd demand is still steadily on the increease – especially as part of our Home Distillers Custom Kit, which includes our oak chips, liquid oak and liquid smoke.

Have Barrels of Fun Without the Barrels! When the Chips Are Down, Here’s All You Need…

Here’s a Couple of Oak Usage Tips:

  1. Wherever you see rum, whiskey, or bourbon-flavoured chips, do not waste your money. In my opinion you are getting ripped off. (internationalhajj.com) Actually you’re buying an inferior oak chip that’s simply been soaked in a weak essence solution.
  2. Don’t buy chips made out of used barrels… They’re never going to cut up a barrel if it’s still got good flavour in it. How much oak extract do you think will be left after the barrel has been used up?
  3. If they can’t say genuine American or French Oak, it’s not worth buying.
  4. American oak is preferable to French for spirits, where bolder and stronger flavours highlight the higher alcohol content. The subtlety of the French Oak is more suited to the wine industry.

When the chips are down, there’s no better solution to oaking your brew than these Genuine USA Toasted Premium Oak Chips

It is essential that the toasting is even and done with expertise. One common problem is overcooking and therefore ending up with a dirty grey colour which is what you often see with inferior oak quality.

To retain consistency a large stock is necessary. We have a major US reserve, which gives us continuity of quality and supply.

Get the Best Toasted Oak Chips and Liquid Toasted Oak Right Here In the Mighty Global Flavors Shop!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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  1. Our benchmark is 9g in 1 litre, mate.
    Leave it 24 hours, give it a shake and sample it… it’s pretty much up to your own taste. Then check it every 12 hours until you’re happy!
    I’ve got customers who leave it 48 hours then add some essence, and others who leave it a fortnight then drink it like that.
    Just remember, because the chips are small, there’s much more surface area contacting the alcohol, so the effect of the oak will be much faster than just using one or two oak staves.
    Cheers, John

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