Magic Trick for When Just Drinking Gets Boring

SOMETIMES SAMPLING your brew with a few mates isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s fun to lighten the mood with a few magic tricks. Here’s a ripper!

A coin is placed on a table right in front of your audience. An upturned glass is placed next to the coin. The glass is then covered with a silk or handkerchief and then placed over the coin.

When the silk is removed, the coin has mysteriously vanished into thin air. The silk is then placed over the glass which is then lifted.

Amazingly, the coin has reappeared.

The Magic Secret: This magic coin trick needs to be done on a white surface or tablecloth. Previous to performing the trick, a simple gimmick has been prepared by gluing a circle of white paper to the rim of the glass.

When the upturned glass is placed over the coin, it will cover it and to the unsuspecting audience, it will look as if the coin has vanished.

This cool coin trick is fun and easy to do.

This stunt goes to prove that an easy trick, performed well can be very effective at impressing your audience.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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MAGIC Vanishing Coin trick

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