Cure Your Winter Mash Blues With These Handy Tips

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FREEZING TEMPERATURES and cold snaps often stall the  fermentation across all countries during their winter.

One of the most effective ways to insulate is to use two layers of bubble wrap around the fermenter, and the top and base.

Still air, which is what bubble wrap is, presents as one of the best ways of preserving heat.

In actual fact still air will out perform Styrene…….the white stuff.

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Boilers should also be insulated for lowering heating costs. There are several ways to control the heating of the ferment – heat pads, insertion rods, insulated rooms etc.

By far the most accurate and efficient is the PID controller, such as used in Sous Vide Machines for commercial and domestic cooking.

The difficulty often in using some of these methods is preserving the air lock system.

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Heating pads and efficient insulation are used in many varied industries throughout the globe and there is no reason, with careful planning, the colder months can’t be as productive as the warmer ones

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