SHOP’S OPEN: Genuine USA Toasted Premium Oak Chips NOW AVAILABLE

THE FIRST offerings of Global Flavours’ Genuine USA Toasted Premium Oak Chips is now available in our website Shop.

Available in 200g, 400g, 1 kg and 5 kg packs, these oak chips are outstanding value and result in a wonderful vanilla/oak flavour and spectacular colour, needing so little mass and such short time to work.

This is a  a genuine oak chip sourced from one of the world’s largest import/export wine companies.

Global Flavours have been involved with this company for many years, so the product is not new to them.

Keith sang these oak chips‘ praises big time in an interview a couple of days ago and also offered a tip for all home distillers.

“A special tip for essence users who want great great nose fragrance: I strongly urge anyone doing dark spirits to add 10 grams per 1 litre prior to adding essences.

“I guarantee your end result will delight you. 

“To filter if required, use a 20 micron with a 10 micron non-carbon second filter set up. Perfect if you if you need or want to polish the final result to a bright sparkle.”

So click on over to the shop and grab yourself some oak chips!

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