First Global Express Distillers Yeast Test Results: “Wow!”

“None of horrible flavours of turbo-style yeasts…”

GLOBAL FLAVORS customer and Distillers Club Member Paul MacKenzie has completed his first test run using our new Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast.

“I’ve completed the first trial of the new yeast – and I can honestly say wow! It is an easy 9/10!” said Peter.

His method used 25 litres of water and 6 kilograms of dextrose at an average fermenting temperature of 25°C.

“It took five days to ferment out, taking nearly 24 hours to really start.

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“I ferment in the garage and the outside daytime temperatures ranged between 20°C and 46°C, so it made a little bit harder to get consistent consistency,” Peter said.

“I used Kwick Klear which is my preferred clearing agent, it is a gelatine-based product designed for the wine industry from England, and is a very cheap and effective product.

“I distilled 2.8 litres at 96%, very neutral flavours, towards the beginning of the tails a very pleasant mild nutty flavour came through which I really liked.

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Peter continued that the product is already smooth before filtering.

“It’s is currently going through my large tubular carbon filter which will take 24 hours, I would expect it to be even smoother.

“It has none of horrible flavours of turbo-style yeasts and I can honestly recommend it, the way I prepared it.”


  • Test results from an experienced turbo specialist using a sugar wash, and also
  • Test results from a commercial distiller.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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