NEW RELEASE: Jack Daniels Taste-Alike “Jack Bourbon” Spirit Essence

Jack Daniels Taste-alike Spirit Essence Jack Bourbon

GOLD COAST Australia’s spirit essence provider Global Flavors has announced its Easter release of a new spirit essence flavor that mimics the legendary Jack Daniels taste.

Global Flavors tastemeister Keith Emms says this is a proven product, used by commercial customers for nearly 20 years.

“Our commercial clients have been buying and selling our Jack Bourbon for over 20 years… and we haven’t had one complaint in all that time,” he said.

“We’ve now decided to release our JD taste-alike under the product name “Jack Bourbon.”

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This means Global Flavors customers can get their hands on a true tasting Jack Daniels substitute.

Jack Daniels has a long history in producing their unique Tennessee whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Production process

The mash for Jack Daniel’s is made from corn, rye, and malted barley, and is distilled in copper stills. It is then filtered through 10-foot (3 metre) stacks of sugar maple charcoal.

The company refers to this filtering step as “mellowing”. This extra step, known as the Lincoln County Process, removes impurities and the taste of corn.

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The company argues this extra step makes the product different from other bourbon. However, Tennessee whiskey is required to be “a straight Bourbon Whiskey” under terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement and Canadian law.

A distinctive aspect of the filtering process is that the Jack Daniel’s brand grinds its charcoal before using it for filtering.

After the filtering, the whiskey is stored in newly handcrafted oak barrels, which give the whiskey its colour and most of its flavor.

The product label mentions that it is a “sour mash” whiskey, which means that when the mash is prepared, some of the wet solids from a previously used batch are mixed in to help make the fermentation process operate more consistently. This is common practice in American whiskey production. (As of 2005, all currently produced straight bourbon is produced using the sour mash process.

After being used for the ageing of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, many barrels go overseas to be used in the production of Whisky. Some barrels are leased from the relevant distillery.

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Some of the barrels are sold to McIlhenny Company of Avery Island, Louisiana, for production of Tabasco sauce and to both the Mount Gay Rum company of Barbados and Appleton Estate of Jamaica for use in the ageing process of their distinctively flavoured rums.

Some barrels are also cut in half and shipped to Lowe’s Home Centres to be used as planter pots. They retain the whiskey smell for some time after arriving there and must be watered every couple of days to keep them intact before they are sold and filled with soil.

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  1. Looking for an exact Jack Daniels clone for distilling! Please tell me you are the one!!!!

  2. G’day Doug
    Mate all I can safely say is our Jack Bourbon is a big seller and we’ve had no complaints so far
    To test it you could include it in your three flavours choices when you buy our combo sample pack
    Or just buy a little 250ml bottle
    Cheers, John

  3. I can honestly say I’ve never really ever drank JD but this is what I buy and it’s effin fantastic!
    With some soaked staves or Global Flavors oak chips of any kind…
    I’ve been brewing for about 7 or 8 weeks now, I know you may think I don’t know what I’m talking about and you’re right, but this is the best bourbon I’ve found so far!
    I will continue to buy as I know what I’m getting…it’s fantastic and I’d be happy to give anyone a taste of what I make…
    PS: Not for sale from myself, happy to give taste tests of mine

  4. Goodonyamate! Cheers for your kind words :o)
    Dave, also a pleasure doing business with you…
    Good luck and happy distilling in the future!

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