NEW! Global Flavors Liqueurs Sweet as Ever With NO Sugar

CUTTING SUGAR is something many people are trying to do. People like diabetics or people with high blood sugar. People trying to cut out a few kilos. (

And people who generally want to improve their health.

The good news for all liqueur fans is that Natvia is an excellent sweetener, using an extract from the Stevia plant to deliver an exact taste comparison to cane sugar.

While most ready-to-mix flavours from Home Brew shops are full of sugar, or even worse, stuff like corn syrup. All bad for you if you’re watching your sugar.

Natvia is available from your local supermarket and although it costs more, if you buy your Liqueur Essences from Global Flavors and use it in the same ratio as normal sugar when you make your syrup, you’ll be no more out of pocket.

So there ya go… if you feel like one of our Liqueur Essences – Espresso Coffee Liqueur, Calypso Coconut Liqueur or Melon Midori Liqueur

Jump right in guilt-free, and enjoy your magnificent drink and your sugar-free taste!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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