Here’s Why Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast is So Popular: Part One

HOME DISTILLING expert, John Zapper, took time out over the past week or so, to try out Global Flavors’ flaghsip yeast, Global Express, and provides us with his results.

First, Zapper quotes what we say about the yeast: “… developed to produce high levels of superior alcohol without the production of unwanted and hazardous by-products.

“A clean yeast especially bred for sugar washes with a 5+ day fermentation period.”

Zapper then outlined his complete process, with photos and comments.

If You’re Looking for a Distillers Yeast that Leaves the Others For Dead… You’ve Found it!

The Zapper Global Express Yeast Review

As a rule, I’m not very kind to products I review. It ether works as described or it doesn’t.

From past experiences I have not been a big fan of pre-packaged yeast blends. I have found them smelly while fermenting with that odor and taste usually carrying over into the final spirit. Lawn mower fuel at best.

However Global Express Fast & Clean Yeast is NOT a turbo yeast.

I’m always up to giving a new product a try. So let’s get it underway…

The Instructions on the package are reasonably simple, so not to complicate the process.

I followed them reasonably closely.

Add to 25 Liters of water with 7kg sugar. (I would add to this a yeast casting water temperature of between 29°C to 32°C with a fermentation temp between 24°C and 28°C)

All up, I think even a first timer would find it hard to get this recipe wrong.

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Zapper’s Method

  1. Put 7kg of sugar into a metal bucket (I used stainless steel)
  2. Add 2 liters boiling water and stir until reasonably dissolved.
  3. Tip the sugar water mixture into a suitable 30 litre fermenting tub and wash out the bucket with cold filtered water and add to tub.
  4. Fill the tub to the 22 liter mark and check the temperature.
  5. Add more boiling or cold water to the 25 litre mark to set the temp between 29°C and 32°C.
  6. Open the yeast pack and stir the contents into the sugar water.
  7. Pop the lid onto the fermenter tub… and wait for the action.

Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast Road Test

Day 0: The Global Express yeast fermentation is on the way with a Bubbler action started within the first hour (might need a tad longer in colder weather)

Day 1: The bubbler is a gentle but consistent action of 1 bubble per second with no sign of hyper fermentation. Temperature is self sustaining at 30°C. There is a very light smell of rising bread dough in the air but not intrusive at all.

Day 2: The bubbler is still constant at 1 bubble per second. Temperature has dropped to 28°C, however it could be because of the cooler day. No heating is necessary as yet. The very light smell of bread dough rising has given way to the slightest sweet fruity smell that is only detectable with your nose right on the bubbler.

Day 3: Bubbler has slowed to 1 bubble every 2 seconds. Temperature has dropped to 27°C, and is now supported by intermittent heating by the thermostat. The very faint fruity smell continues however is only detectable with your nose directly on the bubbler.

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Day 4: The bubbler has slowed to 1 bubble every 5 seconds. Temperature supported at 27°C by intermittent heating using the thermostat. Still only a faint fruity smell with your nose on the bubbler.

Day 5: More of the same really, the bubbler has slowed to 1 bubble every 10 seconds. Temperature still supported at 27° by intermittent heating by the thermostat. Still only a faint fruity smell with your nose on the bubbler.

Day 6: The bubbler has slowed to 1 bubble every 30 seconds. I screwed the top off the tub and gave it a good stir up, to degas the wash. I then tested the Gravity at 990. I racked it off and gave it a day or 2 to clear from stirring it up. (Diazepam) Then it will be ready to distill.

(I can’t get over the total lack of smell of this wash.)

PART TWO: Distilling the Wash

Until next time… Happy Distilling!



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