Free Spirit Essence and Other Products Shipping

GLOBAL FLAVORS PTY LTD and Keith Emms remain focused on ensuring your order gets to you as soon as possible. To do this, both Sendle and Australia Post are used with a tracking number. (Diazepam)

According to Keith, it’s important to make sure the process is straightforward from beginning to end. This includes paying for the shipping on your behalf, to make things easier for you.

Global Flavors makes sure to provide free shipping to all customers in Australia (Mainland and Tasmania).

Terms and conditions apply:

Free shipping is not available for bulky orders and/or any order shipped using Express Post.

The free shipping is available only based on pricing and the volumetric weight as determined during the shipping process. The volumetric weight depends on the general measurement of the package using a pre-determined formula. This includes focusing on the product’s dimensions. General weight is looked at using a scale for modern-day shipments, but volumetric weight looks at the length, height, and width.

As an aside, for a shipment to be noted as being “bulky,” it needs to weigh more than 5kg and/or take up 1 cubic metre of space. This has to do with additional dead weight taking up space during the shipping process.